Significance Of Agriculture In Nigeria

Significance Of Agriculture In Nigeria
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-Significance Of Agriculture In Nigeria

Agriculture is by a wide margin the most far reaching type of human activity and it is more essential than any other Industry.Indeed,even in this “Machine’s Age”,farming of some sorts gives an employment to more than seventy-five (75) percent for man-kind.

The labourers around the world produce a wide scope of rural items to the world market,to be exchanged,processed and even return to them in various structure.Without agriculture,numerous companies would close down,and,in spite of the considerable number of wonders that science has brought into existence,a world without sustenance would be a dead world.


Significance Of Agriculture In Nigeria

Another essential component of farming is its permanency.Minerals consistently mined,are certain to be depleted one day however this isn’t the situation with agriculture.Harvest have been raised since the earliest times and they are still being grown.The soil,carefully maintained,is a flow resources that is inexhaustible,and can even be improved.

In spite of the fact that Man cant’t defeat everyone of the impediment his condition forces upon him,he can generally endeavour to alter to suit his comfort.In this manner of gradual adaption,Man has brought about many changes.

Agriculture plays an important role in the development of all nations.The significance of Agriculture in Nigeria includes:

  • Food Supply: Food is significant for development,fix of harmed body cells and arrangement of vitality.The greatest part of the materials that perform these jobs are gotten from food,which are gotten from plant and animal products.It is only through agriculture man can feed.A country that can sustain its population can set aside a lot of money for other goods and services that are not provided through agriculture. Because of the independence in the arrangement of food to sustain the population,dept problems on the country is diminishing.
  • Provision Of Employment: In most developing countries,about 75% of the capable men need industrial abilities.Agriculture gives prepared works to these individuals,who typically lives in the rural areas,it likewise gives openings for work to others such as an agricultural scientists who investigate agricultural problems,workers in industries that use agricultural raw materials for the production of their goods and the traders ; middlemen,transporters,retailers – engaged in the marketing of agricultural products.
  • Provision of Raw Materials for industries: Agriculture is the source of raw materials for Industrial production (Secondary) of the economy .Agro-based industries are industries that depends on agriculture for raw materials.Examples of Agro-based industries includes:
  1. Tannery Industries rely on Hide and Skin for the production of bags,shoes,belts,etc.
  2. Tyre Industries rely on natural rubber for the production of tyre and tube for vehicles.
  3. Furniture Industries rely on timbers from the forest for the production of chairs,tables,etc.
  4. Tobacco Industries rely on tobacco for the production of cigars and cigarettes.
  5. Paper Industries rely on Pulpwood for the production of paper.
  6. Sugar Industries rely on sugar cane for the production of sugar.
  • Provision of materials for clothing : Agriculture provides fibre,cotton.wool,silk and fur for clothing.It also provides hides and skin for clothing,shoes,belts,caps and bags.
  • Provision of materials for shelter: Agriculture provides materials needed for building of houses.
  • Development of Towns: Development occurs where commercial agriculture exists,as social amenities like Good road,electricity and Pipe borne will be provided.It may also result to the establishment of Agro-business in such towns and villages.

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